A kind appeal for help


Few months back one of my friends met with an accident. He was enjoying a happy life till then (working with a good Hotel). After the accident he was bedridden for a couple of months, lost his job and then eventually he passed away last weekend.

But the real tragedy starts now. He was married against the wishes of both his parents as well as her parents and for that sole reason no one from his side, including his own mother/brother/sister came to see him in his last days or  even the dead body. From the girl’s side, the less said the better. Her parents are happy to see her suffer for going against their wishes. With few neighbors and friends they somehow managed to finish the burial.

The family — his wife and one year old little kid has absolutely no source of income. In fact they were so burdened by the medical expenses that they couldn’t even pay the rent for the last few months. They didn’t even have any groceries in the house. Since I was not in the city (Hyderabad), I asked some of my friends to go there and give some immediate help, which they kindly did. I have also started collecting money from my friends but I don’t know how much I can collect and hence I thought I will use all possible means to approach everyone I know.

Some of my friends have suggested that she may need professional counseling help as she is facing this crisis all alone. We are considering this also. But our priority is to ensure that she has enough financial resources with her for the next few months and we are sure that she will eventually recover and find a job. Luckily she has some prior experience as a teacher in a private school and with some references she may find a job.

If anyone is interesting in supporting this family in any way, please get in touch with me.

Thank you very much.

You can contribute here : https://milaap.org/campaigns/support-a-family


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